Dare to Live Workshop for Women, with Drucilla Desabrais

Dare to Live! A Workshop for the Inner You

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Drucilla Desabrais

Main Street Communications is delighted to host ‘Dare to Live’, a workshop in Canada featuring presenter Drucilla Desabrais, which is designed to help you discover and access the deep, inner you that is longing for expression.

In a safe, supportive, loving atmosphere, you will be guided to reawaken the intuitive self that may have been marginalized at an early age and to explore, heal, and release feelings of loneliness, abandonment, grief, shame fear, guilt, anger, or sadness. Making room for JOY!

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your self-knowledge
  • Move beyond your limits
  • Expand your capacity for harmonious, loving, fulfilling relationships
  • Rediscover the deep joy and meaning in your life

The workshop is primarily experiential with discussion and group participation. 

Drucilla Desabrais will lead the workshop. She is a gifted facilitator, currently living her dream in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where she has resided for more than a decade. Her approach to her work is refreshing. She focuses on truth, honesty, and simplicity and leads with a delightful sense of humor. Her life exemplifies her passion and love for living her truth every day.

From Drucilla:

“I believe that in most of us there is an inner self that has not been fully validated or acknowledged. I believe we carry the unexpressed feelings of this inner self into our relationships and often act out these feelings in ways that are unconscious and do not serve what we want in our lives. By validating and acknowledging our inner self we move into the place of empowerment, daring to live what we truly and authentically desire.”

Dates: July 8th @ 6:30 PM through to July 11th @ 10 PM

St Andrew’s Heritage Church Hall
22279 116 Ave, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Register Here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/dare-to-live-workshop-tickets-16846969740

Testimonial from “Steve”

I am the wrong gender to attend but I really want to share what an amazing workshop this is. It is 20 years ago that I first met Drucilla and attended Dare to Live. This workshop changed my life and became the foundation and catalyst for me to have a true loving relationship with myself, my wife and others. I came to the workshop confused, depressed and generally frustrated wanting to know why being such a nice person I still struggled with relationships and anger. I had a strong case of “what’s wrong with me syndrome”.

I have taken many workshops since, several from the big names and if you ask me to pick one that had the most profound lasting effect on me, it was Dare to LIve. This workshop was also the catalyst that brought me to an amazing career in the personal leadership field.

So, stop what your doing, find the time, find the money and register. Most workshops promise to change your life. This one does! If anyone has any questions I would be pleased to answer them.